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Make things easier with automation

Chameleonerd helps business adapt to changes, reduce costs, and optimize performance by developing and implementing high-quality automated IT solutions.


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Automate Repetitive Tasks

Tired of repeating the same computer related tasks over and over again? Allow Chameleonerd to help you by automating the tasks so you can focus on other business duties, enjoy personal time, or spend more time with family and friends.

Streamline a Business Process

Do you have an inefficient, time intensive, business process that you want to improve? Chameleonerd will completely streamline and improve your process by:

  • Performing an in-depth analysis of your business process

  • Documenting your current process

  • Proposing a new streamlined process

  • Implementing and deploying the new automated solution for you


"Our project was to create a desktop application to support tracking serialized equipment we provide to large customer who requires specialized labeling, item tracking and data uploads. Jermaine understood the project and provided a clear and concise solution. He even provided a prototype application with his proposal, which was far and above any other proposal we received! While the deliverable was clearly understood at the outset, varying customer requirements and additional features came up through the development cycle that increased the complexity and time required to complete. Jermaine stuck to every deadline we had and provided an elegant solution that we hope to build on and use for many years to support the customer. He found a solution to every request that we had, eve if they required him to research and learn new skills. He was also quick to respond on any critical issues so we never had to worry about having an embarrassing moment during end to end testing with the customer. He committed to helping us through our go live weekend as well and was there every time we needed a tweak to the functionality. I would wholeheartedly recommend him for any project because of his technical expertise, work ethic, and professionalism."

Fred Flores | Techline Inc.

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Meet the Team

Jermaine Prince, PMP

Owner | Business Process Automation Specialist

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Jermaine has a passion for helping and serving others. By joining his passion with his 10+ years of experience as a Software Developer and IT analyst, he has successfully helped many businesses across various industries by automating their business processes using different technologies.

Although experienced in the IT industry, Jermaine is constantly learning and loves to take on projects that will allow him to use new skills. In addition to his bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Cal Poly Pomona received in 2010, he earned his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 2021.

Jermaine has a positive attitude and finds joy in making life easier for others. When he isn’t working full time as a Principal IT Analyst at the Metropolitan Water District or as a freelancer at Chameleonerd, he enjoys music and spending time with family.


How Can My Business Benefit from Process Automation?

1. Get things done faster

Automation will shorten the duration of your overall process. Use the time saved for other

business tasks and increase staff morale by completing time consuming tasks in just a few clicks.

2. Better allocation of the workforce

Automating tasks allows your business to free up the workload of your workforce. Your business logic and calculations can be built into automation steps as well. This enables your workforce to focus on other business needs and spend more time on creative and innovative tasks.

3. Cost reduction

Decrease the amount of man hours and/or overhead costs needed to complete your business process. This will give management the the chance to focus more on the quality of employees instead of quantity. Realize a reduced overall cost of business operation.

4. Reduction of human errors

No matter how efficient your workforce is, it’s impossible to avoid human errors. Automation can limit the possibility of errors in the business process. Although it's not possible to automate all parts of your business, automation can reduce or eliminate the possibility of human errors at certain stages of the business process.

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